13 days ago
e7cb67e fix a bug
14 days ago
bc19aa3 fix bugs and add tag order
15 days ago
3997872 add sequence to tag and refactor
21 days ago
21 days ago
29 days ago
c2aac3d remove test code
on 26 Aug
0451fd2 fix page size
on 25 Aug
3128abe fix tag api
on 23 Aug
31922ba fix controller
on 21 Aug
62024e4 fix bug to search audio
on 21 Aug
7ece182 fix a bug
on 21 Aug
cf6416d add local path to audio response
on 21 Aug
585bcd7 refactor
on 20 Aug
d6108b5 support multi keyword search
on 19 Aug
de37dc4 fix history
on 17 Aug
7fd4e74 fix audio name API
on 15 Aug
08ea04c fix bugs and add naming
on 14 Aug
397b323 fix a bug and refactor
on 13 Aug
4e7fae2 tmp
on 13 Aug
2e5d223 fix a bug
on 13 Aug
d4c58d9 add playlist delete api
on 13 Aug
2be0643 fix a bug and refactor
on 12 Aug
9c2227e refactor
on 12 Aug
b75ef32 fix meta view
on 12 Aug
c0bc2ff fix hello page
on 12 Aug
8ea45a2 fix login form
on 6 Aug
ac0edde refactor and add tag
on 23 Jul
b8b1553 fix artist and add sequence to audio
on 22 Jul
966e5a8 add alias_name
on 9 Jul
6406578 fix tables